West Texas Radio Group


KHKX-FM, “KICKS-99.1”, is the country station featuring today’s top Nashville and Texas country music, great favorites from today and yesterday. We call it “Genuine Country“! The “KICKS-99.1”morning show features “Big Zak & Beth.” Nashville and Texas music artists are featured daily. Every Saturday night on “Outlaw Country” with Kelley Peterson the stations plays a heavy dose of local and Texas artists. The target audience is 18-54 with a slight female skew. The Country Music Association has recognized “KICKS-99” as one of the most popular Small Market Stations in the country. Check out the web site at kicks99.net.

KMCM-FM, “97 GOLD”, is the Odessa-Midland markets “Classic Hits” station featuring the hits of the  70’s, and 80’s. When you buy KMCM “97 GOLD”, you reach the market’s most consistent performer in delivering adults 35-64 and the top rated audience in reaching persons over 35 years of age. Your commercials get a strong response from the well-balanced male/female audience characterized as “Baby Boomer America” with large disposable incomes. “97 GOLD” is the station to help you market everything from portfolio and retirement services to cool car shows! Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, and  The Beatles have not left the building! You can find them at 97gold.com.

KQRX-FM “ROCK 95.1” is the Odessa-Midland station targeting adults 18-49 with a median age of 28. The station is led by Morning Drive Host “Kotter”, a market leading talent in delivery of Men 18-49. The station plays a broad list of top rock hits designed to attract the hard to reach Men 18-49 demographic audience. Major promotion, community involvement and marketing budgets are behind the station. If you market to Men in the 20 to 40-something age group, you need to know what Permian Basin Men know. “ROCK 95.1” is HOT and they like it. ROCK ON!!!